Meet Your Photographer...



My name is Alyssa, the owner and photographer of Leigh Photography. I'm just your normal chocolate loving, hard working, dog obsessed, wine drinking, loving mother, who has a passion for photography. I have a spunky and super sweet 5 year old daughter, who's attitude and heart is as big as her mom's! She's the light on my darkest days, and the reason behind all of my smiles. Blessed is an understatement.

My business name is inspired by the amazing women in my family before me. My great, great grandmother's name was Leigh, and was then handed down generation by generation as a middle name (pronounced L-ee). To me, it reflects the amazing, strong, beautiful women in my life that I get to call mine! I have been photographing children, couples, families, and Brides & Grooms for 8 years now. I absolutely love my job, and love what I do. My clients become friends, and I appreciate every opportunity I get to capture your biggest and sweetest moments. I'd love to be the one to capture your mini's smiles as he/she smashes their cake for their birthday, seeing your confidence shine through with a beautiful Boudoir shoot, or make you awkwardly laugh with your new Husband or Wife while taking way too many photos. I'll be the one cleaning cake off my carpet, fixing your hair, or straightening out the train on your dress.

I believe photography is one of the most taken-for-granted hobbies in our current time. Think about it... you go to your first baseball game, your daughter takes her first steps, seeing family members for the first time in years.. you grab your camera. Now, it's 2018 so your 'camera' may just be an iPhone, but hey! You're capturing it! I believe all moments are important enough to be captured.. all of those 'little' things, end up being the big things some day. Now when it comes to the 'big' things like Weddings, Milestones, Births, Pregnancy, etc.. that's where I come in! Investing in photography is a lifelong investment. Having those images to reminisce on later is priceless. My job is to capture all of those big life events, milestones, and memories, and to do it effortlessly.

Your Wedding is an emotional, stressful, crazy, beautiful day! Ask any Bride of mine and they will tell you that I am so much more than a Photographer on this day. I've helped fix a missing button, steamed a bridesmaids' dress, applied nail polish on the flower girl, and even helped with the infamous bathroom break in that giant poof of tulle! I want to make it the best experience possible, and that includes taking a ridiculous amount of photos, and having fun while we do it. You put your trust in me, and my job is to return to you beautiful images, a stunning album, and a smile at the end of it all. If you're looking for a Photographer, fill out the Contact Us form, let's meet for coffee (or wine.. who am I to judge), and see if I'm the right fit for you!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to be your photographer! I promise to deliver you, nothing short of, amazing, beautiful heirloom images to cherish forever, along side a new lifelong friend. Best, Alyssa.